About Badass & Brash

Music is a BIG part of my life and always has been.

I was born to musical parents. My Mom and Dad, Jan (Mertz) Wyllie and Bob Mertz, were in bands both together and separately. I grew up with live music always playing in the house. If it wasn’t my parents practicing for a gig, it was us kids singing along to one of our favorite songs.

Although I don’t remember it, my first stage appearance was with my Dad when I was only 3 or 4 years old. I’ve been told he stacked instrument cases so I could reach the mic to accompany him. My Mom tells me it was an emotional moment for my Dad. I’m happy to say I sang for him one last time just days before he passed away. The song The Only Way Out by Bush will forever remind me of that visit… our conversation, our singing, our love.

So, are you wondering if I’m musical?

I like to sing but find my appreciation for music is much better than my voice. I’ve had piano lessons and drum lessons however, I only retained the love for the music.

Why start a rock-inspired graphic t-shirt business?

I like many music genres although I’m a rocker at heart. I wanted to interpret my love of music into visual graphics to portray how rock ‘n’ roll looks to me. Guitars, skulls, rugged, raw…

With the help and support of my family, this idea became a reality.

You don’t have to be a rock star or in a rock band to show you appreciate the music. Support your local musicians, go to the shows and share the music. It’s all about attitude.

Thanks for visiting! 


 Bob Mertz and Jan (Mertz) Wyllie